Testimonial 1

Alex Lee (aka #alexfromtarget - Internet Viral Phenomenon)

Our son Alex Lee recently found fame through social media. Through this fame platform he wanted to pursue acting as well as acting opportunities pursued him. We were unsure where to turn until we connected with Normita of Icon Studios Dallas. Over the last couple of months we’ve encountered many companies and individuals that made many promises of what they could do for Alex and frankly none of them came true. This was not the case for Normita and her team at Icon Studios Dallas. From the 1st time we met Normita and Jrnie Jade (Normita’s daughter) we had a clear understanding of Icon studio’s Services. They did not over promise and under deliver. In fact, we felt an overwhelming sense of comfort. They have kept their promises of communicating and presenting Alex for opportunities that aligned with his platform. Alex has launched his modeling career walking for a runway show that was filmed for The Oprah Winfrey Network and The BRAVO TV network. Alex has launched his acting career getting cast on a feature film being filmed in New Mexico this Summer. Alex is currently auditioning and being sought out for more feature films and modeling gigs. I genuinely recommend Icon Studios Dallas to anyone pursing an acting/entertainment career. There truly is not enough words to say all the good things I want to say about you and Icon Studios Dallas.

Thanks for all you do! It is truly appreciated.



Alex Lee (aka #alexfromtarget - Internet Viral Phenomenon)

Testimonial 2

I review entertainment contracts as an attorney for individual artists, producers, distributors and others in the business week in and week out. I've never seen a better agreement for both beginning performers and local artists than what Normita offers through Icon Studios Dallas. She pours her heart and soul -- and the constant flow of opportunity through her local industry contacts -- into helping people achieve their dreams. She has built the “community based” model that is catching on throughout the world for artistic development, whether musical, dance or acting, that is displacing glitz with commitment and a supportive circle of friends. She arranges top-notch NY / LA level training at a fraction of what you would pay for others in this area. All of this goes to her dream of building a community of mutually supportive creative people who in turn build up the Dallas film and entertainment industry and who are trained, confident and capable of moving on to New York, LA, and the world. I trust Icon with my kids' talent -- and I've even joined myself!

Icon Entertainment Attorney and Icon Actor

Testimonial 3

I have been working in the entertainment industry for a while and have accomplished some great things, some through my agencies and many on my own and still do...
However, after meeting with Normita, I have been able to add more to my resume and for the past seven months; have been working full-time in television as a stunt girl and lead stand-in. I can also say that I truly appreciate the honesty and kindness I received from Normita and Icon Studios Dallas.

If you have ever worked in this business, you may have run into the opposite of that, so it is very refreshing to find that there actually are good people out there. For anyone who is trying to make the entertainment world part of their own, whether established or not, Icon Studios Dallas is a great place to connect. Thank you Normita & Icon Studios Dallas, I appreciate all your hard work!

Erin G.

Testimonial 4

Prior to Icon Studios Dallas I have had very little experience or training in acting or modeling. I have been with Icon for over two weeks now. I have shot one attorney commercial with speaking lines, worked on NBC's “Chase” as both a cowboy and a "stand-in" actor, and auditioned and landed a national Gatorade commercial. I have been very impressed with Icon’s staff. They are great people and work hard for you. I received a call the other day after 4 a.m. It was the Director asking if I could be an extra on Chase later that day. She had not slept yet. That is how hard working they are. I am not just a talent of Icon, I am more than that. I am part of the family. That is what you are signing up for. You are not just signing up to be one of their members; you are signing up to be part of the family. If you are willing to represent yourself and Icon in an honorable way and are willing to work hard, then I can guarantee that Icon will be a great place for you. They are a great company be a part of. If you are given the privilege to becoming a member with Icon Studios Dallas, then I would highly recommend you doing so. Their acting on-camera and martial arts training classes are also phenomenal! I hope that I get the privilege to meet you one day if you become a member with Icon Studios Dallas. Welcome to the family!


Joshua K.

Testimonial 5



You have no idea how much of an impact that you have made on me over these past few years from just believing in me. Thanks even more so for helping me to believe in myself when I forgot how and introducing me to a world that makes me feel alive; the entertainment industry. You've watched over me, introduced me to many of my industry contacts, given me so many opportunities, guided me, protected me, educated me, and molded me into the Star, or excuse me the "Icon" I was meant to be. Your opinion means the world to me and to be called "talent" by you is an honor. Just do me a favor and let me fly with you all the way to the top. You're the leader I would follow to battle, go to hell and back, and bleed it out to my last breath for on any given Sunday.


You are the heart and soul of the company and I believe in you. Why do you think I promote Icon Studios Dallas everywhere I go? You are elite at what you do and I admire you for your passion. You have battled and overcome more than anyone I know, which is why I look up to you and consider you a mentor to me. If it weren't your belief in me, none of this would have ever been possible. You've made my dreams come true, and inspire me to create even bigger dreams with the courage go after them. Thank you again for all that you have done for me and all your support you have given to me. You are my angel, I will always be truely grateful to you and for changing my life for better. Also, I am honored to be part of your team.


Matt F.

Testimonial 6

Dear Dallas Professional Acting Community,
I am new to this area and heard about ICON STUDIOS DALLAS from a dear friend, Kim.  I met with the gracious staff and instantly new this was the home every actor working in this area needs.  Before I even became a member with them they had already cast me as an extra on CHASE...this within the first few days of meeting them...I have now been privileged to be offered a recurring role on LONESTAR with John Voight and all this within the first two weeks of signing.  Let me say...as a professional working actor in TV/FILM/VIDEO and Web, I have worked both nationally and internationally,  I have never met a staff so dedicated to professionalism in my entire career as this exceptional group. Thanks to the Icon Director Normita taking time out of her busy schedule to spend with me, I am so very greatful for all that she does. Besides, I consider it a double blessing to be represented by such a hot babe. If you are looking for a home, where heart, soul and artistry are first, guidance and direction second, and lastly a place to grow as this area of Dallas blossoms into a boom town of new show - this is the place.  Take advantage of this group...I promise you...you will not find better hands.
Peace,  Kenn W.

Testimonial 7

Thank you guys for everything! The very day I signed with Icon I got booked on Chase and Lone Star! Not just walking by the camera ether, I got to speak on TV and a lot of face time (Chase episode 8) lol. I am a beginning actor and this was a great start for me. I constantly get emails now for other projects, industry info. and casting calls happening all over Dallas. I had no idea that it would happen this fast. You guys are truly incredible! These guys work relentlessly to find their artists opportunities. Not only do they plug you in and help promote you to find work but The staff also provides photography, acting workshops, firearms training, voice lessons, modeling coaching, martial arts and stunt training as well. It's ridiculously awesome!!!

If you are or want to be a working actor, model, performing artist, or just learn about the business in Dallas/Fort Worth area then you have found THE place to call home.

Once again thank you guys so much!

Gideon S.

Testimonial 8

Hey Gorgeous,


You really are super woman Normita you're so amazing I admire and look up to you so much. You could/can/have do/done ANYTHING.


Riley S.

Testimonial 9



I just wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart. Not just for the American Airlines shoot and the jobs and opportunities that you have given me, but for the comforting and kind words in this worst turbulent time in my life. You have become such a dear friend and an inspiration with everything that you do for people. I sincerely appreciate you and cherish your friendship.


Moses M.

Testimonial 10

Hey Normita,

I have to tell You, I'm so impressed with your ongoing push for sharing information day in & day out trying to inform others and build a clientele... What I'm more impressed with is having met You! You and your daughter are a force that is driving many of dreamers... I thank You for including me and I support your endeavors...

I've just finished a feature and it has led to positives that will lead me down another path of dealing with such. 

Please continue keeping me in the loop as it is so very helpful for our small community to feed one another. Always here as time allows...


 Sunny L.

Testimonial 11

A big shout out to Manager/Resource President Normita JovenJoven and owner of IconStudios Dallas for your continuous awesome bookings you secure me for! Last nights modeling job for all the fabulous designers was an incredible experience and I learn so much each time I'm out in the field. Thank you also for your support and I look forward to many more. You always tell me, you believe and I believe you:)...♥


Stacey C.

Testimonial 12



Have I told  you lately how awesome you are! Great job. Your awesome and amazing my sweet friend. Thanks again for getting me that commecial and working to help me get on that upcoming film. I hope you are ready, we are gonna make a lot of money together and we are gonna rock this town!


Ryan F. 

Brad Pitt Look-A-Like

Testimonial 13



I so appreciate you! Thank you for all the kinds words, support, and inspirations you give me and the world. So honored to have you as a friend! Its good to see all the wonderful productions and events you do on a regular basis and the lives that you are helping to fulfill their dreams. As a result of giving it all daily, IconStudios Dallas has been successful in short of a period! Keep it up!


I am honored to be a light and an inspiration! I admire you in all that you do with the wonderful impacts you are making on this planet as well. God broke the "Mold" when He made you lovely...!!! You are Awesome Normita!!!


Kennedy Gtyu

Testimonial 14

I Love you Normita! You gave me the strength to turn my life around, and I will never forget it or take it for granted!


You are the rock star!


And I've got a new role model anyways. Her name is Normita.


Taylor Shawn

Testimonial 15

When I started working with Icon Studios Dallas, I was fresh off a negitive agent relationship experience and was having a difficult time personally and professionally. I toyed with the idea of throwing in the towel and leaving the business altogether. One evening I called Normita up and we had a long phone conversation. During that conversation she was kind, honest and reassuring. She made no promises, but she gave great advise and encouragement. I appreciated the time she took with me and will always be grateful for her kindness.
Since becoming a memeber of Icon Studios Dallas, I have gained some great business knowledge from the classes and workshops, that has proven useful in my career. I have been much more satisfied with my auditon skills and I fell much more successful. In only a few months I have booked the principal role in two commericals, a stage play and worked on several other projects as well. 
My confidence as an actress has blossomed and I am getting calls from Casting Director's, Director's and Producer's to work on their projects now! I am even seeking out projects on my own! I think Normita is a God send and I highly recommend the services of Icon Studios Dallas.  

Mardi D.

Testimonial 16

... And this is why I honor Icon Studios Dallas. Ms. Normita is a great leader with her heart in the right place. Much love to all Icon studio family!


Awe Ms.Normita you guys always make me feel like family. Thank you thank you! I love you soooooo much my sweet earth angel! Thank you for being a mentor in my life! Your words have spoken life to me! I love u more then I love myself!!! Ur so special and dear to my heart!!!! I'm do blessed to have you Jrnie the whole Icon Studio DALLAS in my life!! Greater things are happening for us!!! I'm looking forward to it!!! To be apart of Icon Studios Dallas is a true God Sent. I absolutely love you guys as my family! I'm fan of your sweet cheerful loving caring genuine person you are. You always want the best for people and you help make people's dreams come true! JESUS loves you soooooo much and so do I!!!! MAY GOD BLESS YOU DEEPLY!!! 


Yvette C.

Testimonial 17

Hi, Normita!


I have gotten even more leaner and stronger and have made the cut for the PSA Silver Foxxe as a DEA agent. I took Billy's Tong Il Lo class last Saturday, he asked for my headshot and resume, which I emailed to him at 6:00 PM Monday night. By 8:00 PM I had the confirmation that I was in the cast. It is going to be incredible working with him. 


I am so excited to be a part of the Style Show (Fashion Show at Embassy Suites in Frisco, Texas) on May 5th. And to model BEBE!! All the women in my family are going to be GREEN WITH ENVY when I tell them!


I am also so excited to work with you on "Bioman" (a parody of sorts of Power Rangers) for Taurian Films as a the Yellow superhero on the BioTeam!


You and ICON have done more for me than I ever thought possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Awesomeness abounds at ICON! And you can quote me on that!


Laurie K.


Testimonial 18

Thank you Normita!!! also to my Icon family! without you guys I dont know where I'd be or how I would deal with the people I love working with on set without you. I've gotten most of my opportunities here in Dallas with you. You are the best and I look forward to working with you more even when I'm in California!  :-)


Lloyd G.

Testimonial 19

I know it had to be fate that brought me into ICON Studios Dallas! When first starting my career, my very first gig was a commercial for this law firm ad. The excitement I felt upon receiving my check from this very attractive lady (Normita) let me knew right then, this is exactly what I want to do. Looking back, I now realized it wasn’t my time to grow just yet. Within a week later, I dropped my phone & lost all of my contact numbers, including Normita’s number, and my job relocated me to Brooklyn, NY. I met with a few agencies and signed with Coach Models, but I was just a number, was added to their list of other models. I backed away from the industry and begin focusing on my job. Received another project that sent me to Newport Beach, CA got approached by a few agencies but expressed no interest. Moved back to Dallas, got a gig working a Chase promo & bumped in to Normita again! What a coincidence! We exchanged numbers after the promo ended & I called her up to assist me with Fashion Week Dallas 2012! Without any hesitation, she was there, helping out and brought out all of the ICON Models! (Which were all featured in Fashion Week Dallas) We kept in contact time after that and I assisted with a few projects. We had a talk about me signing with ICON & I was still skeptical due to past experiences. I went ahead and agreed to sign & was informed of a print ad with American Airline days later. I felt good once I arrived and auditioned for the part. Normita was right there inquiring about how it went, and just left me feeling really good about the opportunity.


R. Anderson Jr.

Testimonial 20



You are my greatest inspiration and you are what keeps me going. You have always been there, and just are so encouraging in helping me follow my dreams! I had prom later on in the day after graduation, and I met a lot of people. They all asked me what I wanted to do in the future, and I told them that I was going to be trying my best to live out my dreams of acting, singing and modeling. I told them all about you and how you and Icon Studios Dallas have helped me to come so far! I honestly couldn't stop telling them about you guys because I love you all so much and you have just helped me so much in following my dreams. When I was getting my diploma, lots of things passed through my mind, and right after my family, Icon is what came to mind. Icon is part of my family too, and I can't thank you enough for letting me be a part of it! I love you guys so much!!! Just wanted to tell you!!! :)

Chrissie :D (Personal Email - 05/27/2012)

I always knew that I wanted to be an actress, model and singer. I didn't know where to start. I didn't know what to do. Surfing the internet I came across Icon Studios Dallas, and I decided to look more into it. I remember when I first met Normita, she was sparkling with energy and enthusiasm for the performance industry and it was then that I knew that I was hooked! I honestly don't know what I would do without Normita and Icon, they are not only helping to make my dream come true but also have given me some of the best friends that I have ever had in my entire life. They are always there to encourage me, push me on and watch me follow my dreams! I've been able to live out my dreams when I thought that I wouldn't be able to because of your guys! I love you all so much and you mean the entire world to me! I really don't know what I would do without you all, you have made such a difference in my life and all that I can say is thank you! Thank you so much! 

Chrissie :D (Written for Icon Site - April 2012)

Testimonial 21

Hi Normita!


I wanted to say thank you for all you have done for Bianca And Chester. It was such a thrill for me to see Bianca on TV last week on Chase. You are truly a Godsend to many people that you have helped and cared for.


Suzanne B. 


Testimonial 22



Congrats on the award for Icon! I'm so glad you won, because you are always so talented, and so giving to all of us at Icon. It was wonderful to see you rewarded for all of your efforts. Most well deserved. You looked fabulous up there!


Robin D. (Icon Actress and TV News Reporter)

Testimonial 23

This is Miguel Morales! My dream is to pusue my acting career and being nominated and winning an award would be an honor to be apart of an amazing show! I would like to thank Icon Studios Dallas for everything you guys have done for me. You guys are family now. Thanks to the whole Icon Studios family and thanks again to Normita for being so awesome!!! I love you guys!


Miguel M.

Testimonial 24

I find myself to be so thankful everyday for coming across IconStudiosDallas.com.  I find that the staff are a few of the most helpful and considerate people.  Never before did I ever think I could work on TV.  Thanks to Icon I have been on Chase, LoneStar, and The Good Guys.  I have even done a commercial on TV!  They are very understanding and inspirational.  I remember my first time working and I was so excited.  They helped me take it all in stride and jump right in.  Icon even made sure I had some photos to use for a portfolio.  They are even helping me build a polished resumé.  My only regret is that I did not find them sooner!  I want to say I hope that their dreams, ambitions, and hopes come true.  God bless them. Thank you Icon.


 David V.



Testimonial 25

Hey thank you so much! I just want you to know that I am eternally grateful for everything you guys are doing for me! I am honored and happy to be a part of the Icon family, and I am very thankful to you guys for believing in me, signing me, and just welcoming me into your lives and your home! For all you guys have done for me, I will forever be loyal to Icon, with or without an agent, and I hope we can accomplish many more amazing things together for years to come! Thank you very, VERY much! Froggy loves you!!! =D
Freddy G.

Testimonial 26

I wanted to send a quick thank you for all of the long hours and hard work that you and the staff of Icon Studios put in. I would not be able to shine without the fuel that you provide me with. Thank you!

Aiden-Michael A.

Testimonial 27

Thank you to the Director for booking me on the show of NBC's Chase today. I can honestly say that I had the best time today on set than any other one. Getting to know the crew and cast in such a way as not presented to me before, was not only the thrill of my life, but such a great learning experience as well. I appreciate the hard work your doing and the respect you've earned in the industry. It is through you I was able to get on set and live the dream.
Thank you again,
Kerry J.

Testimonial 28

If you don't absolutely LOVE this woman... you really do have a DULL LIFE!!!!


Normita, ever since the day I met you I clicked with you... I love your , I love your personality, I love your motivation and I love your friendship  I JUST FREAKIN LOVE YOU WOMAN!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA   


Thank you Miss Amazing...


Dominic Bonsignore Harmini


Testimonial 29

Hey Normita!!

          This is Rob Williams again, I know our talks have been few & far between the past couple of years and I appreciate your guidance. The reason why is I've been grooming myself for the day that has finally come. Like we spoke about the last meeting we had, I have joined the United States Navy & my contract will be activated on Tue, June 7th. Im going the night before to stay at a hotel selected by the Navy for my last night as a civilian. I appreciate anything & everything you have done to help me as an artist in the past & hopefully in the future. I would definitely love to stay in contact (I still get your emails for gigs) because I do plan to come back in a more "centered" format after my journey with the Navy comes to an end to discuss picking up where we left off. I told you I would let you know when I was leaving :-) The time has come. Goodbye for now. Thank you.


Rob Williams

Testimonial 30

I had the greatest time today at the Skybox. God I thank you for the people you have brought into to my life. Your plan is better than anything I could think to image. Thank you Normita Joven for letting God use you, and becoming my mentor.God bless you and your household.


Matthew J.

Testimonial 31



"My daughter has expressed an interest modeling and acting and as one can imagine, this can be a difficult decision as a parent of a 10 year old. 

Normita has put all of my concerns to rest and has been instrumental in

walking us through the entire process. Within 3 weeks of working with 

Icon Studios Dallas my daughter has completed her professional performers headshots, participated in the feature film "Charlie: A Toy Story," produced by Garry A. Brown,  walked her first runway show for Dillard’s Gianni Bini Fashion show, and worked as a print sports model for a national sports and entertainment photography company.  We couldn't have done any of this without Normita, we love working with her and look forward to many more opportunities in the future. Once again, we are extremely appreciative of this opportunity to work with Normita and Icon Studios Dallas!"


Samantha and Daughter Madisyn S.


Testimonial 32

To the Director and staff at Icon Studios Dallas:

Just wanted to say thank you again to the staff at Icon and the production co. for
yesterday's law firm commercial. I truly appreciate it.  Thank you so much for all
your hard work!!  If I could give you a gift card for sleep, I would!
Kim T.

Testimonial 33

Hey Normita,

I want to stop my day to thank you for all you have done for me and my girls in the short time we have known you.  You truely are a wonderful person.  Jrnie is such a sweet girl.  We had so much fun on set this weekend!  You have some genuinly wonderful people with ICON.  I am so happy to be a part of your group.  :)

I'm so glad you got your bday present!!!  What a perfect gift!!!  LMAO  The look on your face was priceless!!!!


Big hugs to you and Jrnie!

Love ya,

Teresa M Stewart :)

Testimonial 34



You have selected well for your talent source. A lot of awesome people this weekend with great souls. You deserve so much credit for all the hard work u do! Thanks Normita... It was worth the 100 degrees any day. U are a beautiful person inside and out, and a true leader. I’m so glad I met u  (08/31/13)


Candace Hughes

Testimonial 35



Demario Adley

Testimonial 36

Over this past weekend I had the chance to work with a great producer and director from L.A.! This was a very enjoyable experience! As God takes the time to keep blessing me I just want to say as a living testimony don't give up on your dreams because I was that kid who didn’t have running water and mom got beat on, the same one who didn’t have name brand shoes and wore dollar store clothing, the one who was raised in a single parent home on welfare in a family of 5!! If I am unfolding my dream coming from nothing you can too! Special thanks to my most favorite person Normita Joven!!! I enjoyed filming the “SWAT SCHOOL” – The Series Teaser and I can’t wait to see what the future holds! God bless you all!! Also shout out to my boy John Charles Dickson, we gonna make it together man! (09/01/13)

Happy Birthday to Normita Joven!!! This woman has already made a big change in my life and has helped me unfold my dreams! Enjoyed you and everyone today and I wouldn't trade you for the world! Hope you enjoy your day! Love you much!!! . (09/01/13)


Adrian Lockett

Testimonial 37

All of your hard work that's getting me out there in the industry has been a huge blessing in my life. When you interceded with my career and started opening doors for me to build my resume to get out in the industry, it really changed the direction of my career. I really appreciate all the work you put in to get the jobs lined up in a professional manner. I also want to thank you for all the hard work you do behind the scenes to make the process a stress free environment. You really do treat others as you wanted to be treated and that takes a lot of strength to keep pushing on. It has really taught me a lot with how your studio works and I respect it 100%. Thank you again for all you have done and all you will do in the future!

Kyle Padden
Christian Rock Rap/Hip Hop Artist and Actor/Model

Testimonial 38

Doing the commercial for NBC was great! I had a lot of fun and really hope I can do something like this again! I really love doing all this and would love if I could do this forever! ICON Studios has really made a big positive impact on my life and I'm beyond blessed to be part of the family!


Mattieu Garner

Testimonial 39

"Photo Credit: owned by Marquisha Reavis of Roxxy Cosmetics"

Normita Joven I just wanted to take the time out to tell you how Amazing you are. Since I started working with you in early 2010 my Career has been greatly blessed and may the blessings continues God. There has been numerous commercials, fashion shows, short films, movies and print jobs. You keep hope alive for your Icon talent. You teach us how to be strong and motivate us at the same time. I know their are days were you hardly get any sleep or rest but you continue to work through it all striving for your Icons. I know some days gets hard and stressful for you but you never let it show, always wearing that big pretty smile. You mean a lot to so many ppl and we all appreciate your dedication to us. Your are Loved and Very much appreciated and I just wanted to take the time to tell you how special you are to everyone. God Bless you with much Love



Testimonial 40

"Photo Credit: Jrnie Jade"
It's hard to put into words the gratitude I have for Icon Studios Dallas. I started my career in the entertainment and fashion industry when I was a very young child. In the past, I have made quite a few bad business decisions that landed me in horrible contracts with less than perfect agents. However, joining Icon Studios Dallas happened to be the best decision I ever made. Icon Studios Dallas is more than a business; it's a family. We all stick together to help each other better our talents. The personalities of all the talent signed with Icon is enough to set us up for a lifetime of success. I had agents in the past that looked at talent nothing more than walking dollar signs, but Icon Studios Dallas is an amazing outsourcing group that looks at individual strengths through each member. I've been blessed to have met Normita and I highly suggest to anyone that is passionate about taking the next step in the multiple career paths Icon Studios Dallas has to offer. I say just do it and don't look back. Icon Studios Dallas has made me a better, more driven person and for that I am eternally grateful! #ICON4LIFE!
Cameron Kessler

Testimonial 41

"Photo Credit: Jrnie Jade"
Wow, how do I say thank you for giving my daughter (Robyn) a 
Christmas present that she will cherish  for the rest of her life. 
You made her dream come true last night. She woke up this morning 
talking and talking over and over about what thrill it was to walk 
that runway. If you ever need her again for anything please call!
Thank you again for a wonderful night. 
-Debra Hearn (Robyn Hearn's Mom)

Testimonial 42

"Photo Credit: Jrnie Jade"

Signing up with Icon Studios Dallas, was one of the best decisions I have made. Normita and Jrnie truly care about their clients and help any way they can to get you a job. My friend also signed up and is very happy as well. Thanks Normita!


I also wanted to share that this photo of me with the champagne glass on the butt that Jrnie took has REALLY gotten me some attention! A    casting agent recently requested more photos fora feature film with a known actress who has     already signedup. She said out if 300       applicantsshe's putting me in the top 20! I Can't say much more but   the experience, travel and the pay are well worth the audition. So, ifyou want to add that photo when you send in - and it's appropriate -  please do. It is paying off! :-)

Denise McMillan

Testimonial 42

"Photo Credit: Jrnie Jade"
There’s no other person I want managing my career than Normita Joven. Her heart is 
so authentic and genuine that she treats us more like family rather than clients. I’ve 
only been signed with ICON Studios Dallas for two months now and have already 
worked 3 commercials, 1 music video, 1 reality TV show, a few paid photoshoots, and
4 runway fashion shows. Plus, I just landed my first guest celebrity appearance on the 
Queen Silvy Show with over 1.9 million listeners tuned in. Thank you so much 
Normita for all of your hard work and for believing in me. I truly appreciate the fact 
that you’re constantly booking me work each week and pouring your heart into all of
our dreams in order for us to conquer all of our goals! I know I’m only set up for 
success with Icon Studios Dallas managing my career.

Tori Blaze

Testimonial 43

Normita. Thank you so so much, I will work on both reels and send you the changes made that you suggested. This means a lot to me to have you help me out, you have ALWAYS supported me and guided me throughout my career and I am truly grateful for you. ????
Ron Clemons (05.19.2020)

Testimonial 44

Made a dream come true. Was extremely emotional after seeing me and my babygirl on a digital billboard. So many people shared it on facebook. It's still so surreal, she was so excited. That was a dream come true for me personally. I legit teared up. My whole family came to see it. The feeling is unreal, thanks for working super hard! The sky is the limit! And with the Fritos' first new campaign in 48 years that I was in, I'm so blessed and very thankful. Thank you again, a lot of people said I would never make it this far. But you gave me life and hope! I always study my favorite actors. On my own, I never had anyone to read lines with for my auditions or rehearse but I've landed so many network TV shows. Thank you again. I went to being homeless to being on national TV Normita, I'm not afraid of anything lol I endure this. I'm all in. #ICON


Gurie Sheffield Jr.


Testimonial 45

Love working with this crew. My daughter got to walk Miami Swim Week, has had paying jobs and it's only been a few months. Very supportive and fun group. Look forward to the future with ICON by our side.

Kim Hauck (mom of Mikayla Hauck)

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